Yes, I would buy this Pokedex-themed fan-made Game Boy Advance

The GBA was a masterclass design

The Game Boy Advance is one of my favorite handhelds…period.

I own a ton of SPs and some original Game Boy Advance units, including the one I originally owned back in 2001. It’s an absolute classic and one of the earliest examples of portable backward compatibility, allowing the use of a years-strong catalog of Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles: boasting an impressive original library of its own. So whenever I see custom GBAs, whether it’s a special screen or lightning rig, I perk up.

This creation from rosecoloredgaming is one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in quite some time. The accompanying text is short and teases more potential shots: “We made a Pokedex prop that bears a striking similarity to a Game Boy Advance. More to come…”

Don’t get your hopes up though. Further clarifying the concept in the comments of their Instagram account, rosecolored gaming states, “this was non-functional, just a prop. We looked into making these as shells but it did not come to fruition unfortunately.”

The d-pad looks like it would take a lot of work to make it functional, but the rest, I can see it! I hope another designer is looking at this and going “challenge accepted.”

rosecoloredgaming [Instagram]

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