Yes, child! You can now pre-order the new brentalfloss CD

What if this CD… had a sequel?

During his PAX set, that bald, clavinet-playing mofo known in certain circles as “The Floss” announced that PRE-pre-orders of his second major album, Bits of Me, were open for show attendees. The window to jump on that fantastic deal has unfortunately closed, so now you’ll just have to settle for a regular ol’ pre-order.

Scheduled for May, Bits of Me contains 18 tracks, including popular numbers like “Star Fox: Space Oddity” and “Classic Ending Credits with Lyrics,” as well as several brand new tracks. You can order the $13 CD alone, or you can grab the $50 bundle that includes the original album and a pair of brentalfloss-brand T-shirts. If you wear one of those suckers and take a Norelco to your scalp, then you too can be a popular Internet sensation!

brentalfloss’ “Bits of Me” [Level Up Studios]

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