Yep, Kratos still yells a lot in the God of War III remaster

God of Roar

You didn’t think Kratos would suddenly drop the whole shouting thing for his first appearance on PS4, did you? Asking him to do that would be like taking away his blades and giving him walkie talkies instead. Constant yelling is part of his identity; strip him of that and you just have a buff dude in body paint.

All this screaming comes courtesy of a new trailer meant to commemorate the launch of the God of War III remaster. Chris “Buff Dude in Body Paint” Carter has already had some time with it. Sure enough — it’s the same game, but looking better. The first release of the game wasn’t exactly a sore sight, so the upgrade’s probably more understated than with some other remasters. 

But, if you need to fill an “angry guy yelling” quota, oh boy, do I ever have the game for you.

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