Yep, Berserk Warriors is confirmed for the west

Date and full title still unknown

So, Berserk Musou guys. It just shot up on my most anticipated games of 2016 list in an instant.

I was all set to import it on PS4 too, but Koei Tecmo just re-confirmed that it is in fact coming west in the form of a trailer on their American YouTube account — it was noted at E3, but a lot of people, myself included, missed it. It’s coming on September 21 on PS3, PS4, and Vita in Japan, but North American and Europe will be getting it on PS4, Vita, and PC at some point (Hardcore Gamer reports 2017). “Berserk” is still the working title for the game, and the official website is open.

The publisher has also shared some new gameplay details. It will cover the Golden Age Arc up to the Millennium Falcon Arc, and will feature interactions that weren’t in the anime. The Golden Age OVA/new July-bound TV show’s actors will reprise their roles, and Guts will have the ability to “slice his enemies in two” with his oversized sword, and eventually, the Dragonslayer.

For those who are curious, the new anime series will be simulcast on Crunchyroll starting July 1.

Chris Carter
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