Yeah, so that Tears to Tiara II review…

PS3 RPG Tears to Tiara II came out…yesterday. So, where is the review? 


That’s my fault. It’s busy season here at Destructoid, so I’m wrapped up with multiple reviews as of late. It’s nowhere near Chris Carter’s work level, mind you. But between running this site and getting my review load done, I’m way behind. 

I’ve been playing Tears to Tiara II for about a week now, but that’s not nearly enough time to finish this super lengthy visual novel / strategy RPG. Atlus estimates some 80 hours of gameplay. I’ve had friends tell me it’s closer to 100. Yeah.

I’m not going to lie: this is going to take me awhile. As I’ve been doing this professionally for a long time, so I’m definitely faster than your average joe. But this game makes no apologies for its relaxed pace. I find I’m playing it in 2-3 hour sessions. Someone that is better at math can estimate my completion date. Then I’ll write the review (Destructoid has a completion policy on game reviews).

For now, would you watch if I stream my gameplay? Let me know. If so, I’ll begin streaming today. 

Until then, enjoy the launch trailer.

Dale North