Yeah, so about Aliens vs. Predator…

I’m going to say something that I’m not sure any has had the nerve to say up until now — I don’t think Rebellion’s Alien vs. Predator is going to be very good. 

Full disclosure: I haven’t played the game. (Yeah, I know — how can I really form an opinion?) When Sega was showing off the game at a PlayStation event I attended last month, they weren’t letting people go hands on with the game’s single-player. (And why not?) But based on what I had a seen, I wasn’t convinced the game was going to deliver on expectations based on sloppy-looking gameplay and some seriously “meh” visuals. 

It’s also hard to shake the fact that Aliens vs. Predator is being developed by the same folks who made Rogue Warrior; that’s quite a game to have on your resume. This isn’t really the same Rebellion that put together the well-received late 90s Aliens vs. Predator.

That said, I can’t really condemn the game until I spend some real time with it. It ships on February 16 (along with a pretty sweet “Hunters Edition”) and I’m at the very least curious to see how it turns out. I’ll say this: The Predator does have some pretty sweet (and violent) kills. It’s a shame they’ve all been stripped from this latest trailer.

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