Yeah, Raiden IV, which is coming to Switch, still rules nearly 15 years later

Like a MOSS

Look, can every shmup just eventually get a re-release on everything? Preferably on a platform that won’t eventually go defunct?

You know, I’m something of a scientist shmup collector myself, having gathered as many of these gems as possible on Steam: where I can enjoy some of them with a vertical TATE display setup. There’s a few franchises that I can just blindly jump into and lose track of time in: like say, Raiden for example (how convenient!).

Developer MOSS is at it again, and this time, they’re nearly ready to unleash their long-gestating Switch port of Raiden IV on Japan. This new version is titled “Raiden IV x Mikado Remix,” and it’ll feature new musical arrangements, one of which you can hear in the brand new trailer below. They’re even getting artists like Daisuke Matsumoto of Cave fame involved!

Raiden IV will arrive on the Japanese Switch eShop on April 22. There’s no word on a localization date, but it’s fairly easy to create a cross-region account and grab it if you want. Or, you can opt for Raiden IV: Overkill on Steam, which is a good adaptation that came out in 2015 on PC.

Chris Carter
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