Yay brawlers: new Watchmen Part 2 trailer hits

Make some noise folks, Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2 is almost here. By the time August rolls around, the follow-up to the downloadable brawler will be available for all the cool platforms: PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam. Below the fold is a new teaser — which just so happens to announce this information — for your viewing pleasure.

The teaser features plenty of combat and aggression. There’s door smashing, vigilante busting and even a glimpse of a few unique superpowers. In addition to tickling the more aggressive centers of the brain with violent moving pictures, the trailer has text that promises “hardcore action” before cutting to some dude wearing S&M gear. Awesome.

The movie hype is gone, so we’re not exactly sure how this will perform. Tell us, will you being purchasing this thing or is Watchmen too old?

Brad BradNicholson