Yay, an RPG! Eternal Sonata coming to PS3 [Update]

It seems that in this pre-TGS period, positive points are popping up for PS3 people.

We heard earlier today that Beautiful Katamari will eventually be rolling its way to Sony’s flagship console sometime in the future (Wii, too!), and now another title once thought to be an Xbox 360-only game is also coming to the PS3. 

Namco Bandai’s Web page for Eternal Sonata lists the PlayStation 3 under “platforms” for this title, right alongside the already available Xbox 360 version. Although the release date is listed as “TBD”, PS3 owners should be pleased to know that this lovely cell-shaded musical role-playing game is coming their way.

That’s the spirit, Namco Bandai. Share the love.

[Uh-oh, it’s gone. The PS3 listing is gone from the Web page. Good eye, Zero Iscariot]

[props to Professor Pew]

Dale North