Yakuza of the End’s partner system detailed

There’s some new info out on the Yakuza zombie game, Yakuza Of the End, which is set to release in Japan in about a month. One of the game’s new systems lets you work with people you’ve meet on the streets to make an instant partner to fight alongside. Andriasang says that you’ll have to clear substories to unlock partners, and once unlocked, they’ll be usable by all four game characters. If you look closely at the image above you’ll see that you can even make a hostess a partner.

There’s also details on a new play area called Gary’s Boot Camp. This is basically field combat and shooting range games; screens show main characters blasting zombie standees on the range.

Kamurocho Underground is a randomly generated dungeon you can crawl…if you like that sort of thing. You’ll first crawl into a manhole to access this dungeon and inside you’ll fight zombies to make it to a boss you can take down for experience and items.

Out of all the zombie games out there, I’m most excited for this one. All of this stuff sounds great, but they had me at Yakuza + zombies.

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