Yakuza of the End ball cap doesn’t look videogamey

Those shirts that read “Know Your Mushrooms” or have a big-assed Angry Bird on them are clear signals to the rest of the world that you’re a videogame nerd. There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you. It’s just that this kind of merchandise isn’t very subtle. Maybe you want something a bit more classy. How about something with a designer look?

Check out this cap from Override, which can be spotted on the heads of zombies in upcoming PS3 game Yakuza of the End. It reads “MT,” which stands for Millenium Tower, a prominent location in the series games. You’ll get a nod of respect from fellow Yakuza fans with this on, but the rest of the world should let you pass without judgment. At most, you’ll get a ‘what the hell is MT?’ face. 

Andriasang says that this cap will be available in Japan on the same day the game launches, June 9th. You’ll want to put back about $55 to buy this, though. Being subtly nerdy and stylish costs a bit, you know!

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