Yakuza movie trailer and Web site live

In Hollywood, film makers tend to make crappy films based on (generally) pretty solid video games. In Japan, howevever, you get good movies based on crappy games.

Such seems to be the case with the upcoming film, Ryû ga gotoku: gekijô-ban, directed by Takashi Miike. Based on the Sega video game (better known to English speaking gamers as Yakuza), the film will hit Japanese theaters early next year, and then promptly find it’s way to your favorite torrent Web site, translations and all. 

There are high hopes for the film; Miike’s filmography is vast and reads like Sin City’s police blotter — sex, violence, drugs, masturbation scenes in the first forty seconds of his films. Check out the trailer (which already looks surprisingly similar to the game) at the film’s official site.


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