Yakuza: Like a Dragon has gone off the rails and I’m loving it

Dragons aren’t just made of ink now

Sega released a pair of brief but impactful Japanese TV advertisements for Yakuza: Like a Dragon, an exceedingly bonkers new RPG take on the dramatic crime syndicate series. The main attention-grabber is Ichiban Kasuga decked out in knight armor, sword and shield in hand, staring down a mighty dragon.

Even in the context of Yakuza, this game is something else.

The 15-second video tells you everything you need to know about Like a Dragon if you’ve been kinda-sorta paying attention to the game so far. You can assemble a crew, there’s a role-playing-style job system, and old favorites Kiryu, Majima, and even Nugget the chicken are set to return.

The second clip is slightly more substantial and plays into Yakuza‘s serious side.

The duality between goofiness and grit has served the series well so far, and while there’s some anxiety about the gameplay changes with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, I think it’s going to turn out well in the end.

The game launches January 16 in Japan, but the rest of the world has to wait until later this year.

Jordan Devore
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