Yakuza 4 promo: Men’s pasta, awesome pasta platter

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I love Japan because they regularly tie up two of my loves: food and videogames. When they promote a game, they love to use food to do so. The Yakuza series of games is no stranger to food tie-ins, and this newest one for Yakuza 4 looks delicious.

Japanese restaurant chain Pronto appears in the world of Yakuza 4. Buy food there and recover health. On the flip side, in the real world, you can eat an original pasta dish inspired by the game. “Men’s Pasta” will be on sale at Pronto from March through the end of April.

Even cooler than some pasta meal is the platter itself. There will be 100 of these “Legendary Pasta Platters” awarded to customers that enter a drawing. The platter has the game’s logo on it, and a bad-ass dragon at the bottom of the dish.

Yakuza 4 drops in Japan on March 18th.  

Yakuza 4 Teams with Pronto [AndriaSang]

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