Yakuza 3’s karaoke minigame isn’t what you’re thinking

Yakuza 3: it has its own PS3, fishing, golfing, billiards side games, and it even has its own line of ramen. And now karaoke?

Well, it’s not what you’re probably thinking. It looks like a clap-along, while another character sings. And that’s okay, because I’m guessing that you won’t be that familiar with the music of the Japanese underworld anyway. Of course, this could be cheesy J-pop too, but I can’t imagine that fitting. You never know with these Yakuza games.

The folks at Videogaming247 have some pretty nifty screenshots for the upcoming Japanese release. Aside from karaoke shots, there’s also some of our boy Kiryu visiting a local eatery and a convenience store. I’ll take a gyudon and a Pepsi N’ex.

Seriously, what can’t you do in Yakuza 3? Oh, I know one: play an English-language version! Get on that, Sega. 

Dale North