Yakuza 3 marketing continues with booze

Food and drink are a recurring theme in the Yakuza series of games. As we said in our hands-on of the Japanese Yakuza 3 demo, you can eat and drink to your hearts delight in the game world, though it does nothing for your real-world stomach. Now here’s something that will…and it will probably go to your head, too.

The Yakuza 3 marketing blitz has already given us some nice ramen to eat, and now there’s branded sake to wash it down. Sega and the Seifuku Distillery have partnered up to sell these bottles of sake. Get Awamori for $11 or Plum Wine for $16. Siliconera says that Ryu ga Gotoku label sake will be in stores starting tomorrow. 

I think it would be great to be totally immersed in this experience: eating Yakuza 3 ramen, downing Yakuza 3 sake, and playing the game.  I’m going to do my best to make that happen.

Dale North