Yakuza 3 images? We got ’em!

Well, Famitsu has them if we’re being honest with ourselves, but that’s not going to stop us talking about the hot new Yakuza 3 images that have freshly surfaced.

This PlayStation 3 exclusive is looking pretty damn sexy if these shots are anything to go by. Yakuza 3 continues the adventures of Kiryu Kazuma both in the fictional Kamuro-cho and Okinawa. The game is currently slated to be released in Spring 2009.

The sequel to the original Yakuza hasn’t even been released in Europe yet (it’s due out this Friday, actually) which is pretty crazy, really. It took two years for Yakuza 2 to reach the USA and Europe. Hopefully Yakuza fans won’t have to wait that long for this third official installment in the series.

James Stephanie Sterling