Yakuza 0 will be getting some free DLC next month

Bonus costumes and such

Yakuza 0 is really great. It may possibly be the best Yakuza game released in the West thus far, but there was one strange omission: unlockable costumes. In some of the previous Yakuza titles, beating the game allowed you to select costumes for Premium Adventure Mode and change the look of Kiryu and his pals. Yakuza 5 actually broke that trend, opting to have the costumes relegated to DLC, but Sega wisely bundled them with the Western release in 2015.

For some reason, Yakuza 0 didn’t launch with those added costumes. I suppose it isn’t the biggest deal as all of these extra bits are being released for free, but it is still strange. Either way, starting today and going until February 14, there will be a new DLC pack released each week with extra goodies for players to grab. This should make my third playthrough a little easier (and probably would have helped with my LEGEND mode run).

Once downloaded, you need to talk to Bob Utsunomiya (the clown) near the CP Shrine in both Kamurocho and Sotenbori. From there, he’ll gift you the items and you’ll be free to use them. For costumes, you’ll have to go to Kiryu’s real-estate office and Majima’s cabaret club office and change into them. Those may be locked until you beat the game (like they were in 5), but I’ll have to check to make sure.

Also, have a look at the launch trailer. It should get you suitably amped up for the game.

Yakuza 0 launch trailer, free DLC announced [Gematsu]

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