Yakuza 0 Business Edition pre-order is lackluster

Better than nothing I guess?

Sega has announced a special pre-order deal for Yakuza 0 for North America. If you pre-order the “Business Edition” you get—business cards. A steel business card case with some business cards for Kiryu, as well as a hostess club card. These are not used in English-speaking countries so much, but even if they were or even if we were Japanese, I don’t envision myself passing these out or framing them or anything. 

But wait! You also get this theme for a digital pre-order–that is also kind of lame. Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t you set any uploaded image as your PS3 and PS4 background? They didn’t change the icons or anything.

Perhaps the effort and budget was focused on making the actual game good, which definitely appears to be the case. Still, if they’re going to have pre-order goodies, I think they could do better. 

Cory Arnold
Pretty cool dude in Japan. 6/9/68