Yacht Club finally shares more info on Shovel Knight’s Spectral campaign


Shovel Knight is the game that keeps on giving. It was a complete experience out of the gate, but the team has managed to add some killer DLC with the Plague of Shadows campaign and the addition of co-op by way of the amiibo figure. But they aren’t done yet as there’s still several more gametypes on the way, including the Spectral Knight story, which they’re just now unveiling for the first time.

Over on the official Kickstarter page you can get a look at his moveset (which is heavily based on aerial and dash strikes), and his wall climbing/jumping abilities (that bring back fond Batman NES memories). According to the developer “all” upcoming updates are being worked on at once — the King Knight campaign, Body Swap, and Battle Mode on PC and consoles — so there’s still a wait yet, but it won’t be “as long as it took for Plague Knight.”

They clarified that Specter Knight will be released first, and both campaigns will come with their own set of feats and challenges. Just like Plague of Shadows (which took Yacht Club $1 million in funds to develop), everything will be free. Finally, the Vita edition is getting a limited print, which you can pre-order on Fangamer here.

Shovel Knight [Kickstarter]

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