Xur is back in Destiny 2, this time he hangs out in the open world

Head to Nessus this week

Xur, the infamous limited-time item peddler, is back in Destiny 2. He operates basically the same as he did in the first game, selling Exotic item wares, but now he’s in the open world (this week it’s Nessus) instead of a neutral social space.

The kicker is that you can now easily just see him on the map with his “IX” (for Agent of the Nine) symbol, so just head to your Director, select Nessus, and click the waypoint to have him show up on your radar. This week he carries the Merciless fusion rifle (29 shards), Raiden Flux Hunter chest piece (23 shards), Doom Fang Pauldron for Titans (23 shards), and Warlock Wings of Sacred Dawn (23 shards). For hardcore players these prices are fairly low (I’ve amassed around 400 legendary shards so far).

It’s hard to be “disappointed” over Xur as he’s kind of this extra, non-entity in many ways, but I thought for sure that he’d be selling more wares. I already had 3/4 Exotics he was selling, so I just picked up the Doom Fang and peaced. It would be great in the future if he had some sort of Legendary Shard sink.

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