XSEED to write their own script for Lunar?

Liked the Working Designs scrpit for Lunar: The Silver Star when it was released on the PlayStation some years back? Well, don’t expect that same translation to be in the upcoming PSP version. If what RPG Land is saying is true, XSEED is looking to ditch the Working Designs translation and do their own.

That’s not to say that the XSEED translation won’t be good. It could be great. Hell, they could make it better by spending time to weed out all of the dated pop culture references that Working Designs pumped into the PS1 version. 

Still, fans were really attached to the work that Working Designs did on the game. I was. Hell, I even liked the Sega CD original.

XSEED, don’t jack this up. Lunar is that one classic RPG that many gamers hold dear. 

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