Xperia Play hack uses ripped PSOne ISOs

Tired of waiting for the Man to release PSOne games for your silly little phone game thing? Make ’em yourself! 

Android developer Yifan Lu has reverse engineered the Xperia Play’sPlayStation emulator to make it run ripped PSOne ISOs. This means you can stop acting like you actually enjoy Crash Bandicoot. It has not aged well.

This isn’t some one-off emulator, but the real deal from the Sony guys, meaning it should work exactly as you expect it to with all your old favorites, without the bugs and glitches.

With this you can dig out your old PSOne games, rip them, and then play them on your Experia Play. It seems that everything works save for multi-disc games, so no Final Fantasy VII…unless you play it and all your other PSOne releases on a PSP. You should probably just do that instead of messing with the ISOs, actually.

Xperia Play spins original PlayStation One ISOs via emulator hack [Engadget]

Dale North