XomB is pronounced ‘Zombie’, claims new game from 3G Studio

As far as I’m concerned, XomB will never be pronounced “Zombie,” but 3G Studios is swearing up and down that it is for this brand new game in development for PC, consoles and handheld devices. As you might have already guessed, XomB is yet another zombie game, this one set in feudal Asia, where “epic battles” against the forces of darkness have been promised.

“The dead are being harvested and re-animated in different forms by this incredibly powerful force,” explains game writer Todd Imus. “The player will learn to alternately fight and control the force as they liberate the slaves of the conquered lands. This tale is very dark and draws heavily upon the unique world of Asian mythology.”

There is no word on whether or not this is meant to be an action game, a strategy title, or some sort of RPG. The fact that it’s being released on all formats leads me to believe that it’s some kind of tactical title, but we’ll see when there’s more info. You can color me interested in the meantime. Zombie games and samurai games are ten-a-penny, but a zombie samurai game might make things feel more fresh. 

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