Xeodrifter has more room to breathe on Wii U

No frills port, no complaints

Xeodrifter stands among a proud line of games we recommended to Metroid fans who were disappointed with the idea Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and now it’s coming to Wii U next week. It’s yet another game to hit the console that’s more like a classic Nintendo title than most of Nintendo’s current offerings.

I’m about half way through the port as we speak, and while the experience isn’t quite as exciting as it was the first time around, there are definitely advantages to playing it on the WIi U. The Off-TV play is seamless, and the larger screens on both the Wii GamePad and my HD TV allow for a less cramped experience. Having Roth Sothy’s excellent soundtrack pumping in my living room is also a treat. 

We’ll be giving out U.S, codes for the game on Sup Holmes today at 4pm EST, along with a few U.S. codes for the Wii U and 3DS ports of Dragon Fantasy, so jump in the chat of you want a chance to grab one.

Today’s guest is Nicholas McDonnell, developer of the GoldenEye-inspired competitive first-person shooter Screencheat, which is on neither the 3DS or the Wii U, but what the heck, a free game is a free game, right?

Jonathan Holmes
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