Xenoblade’s website updated with character info

HNNNNNNGGGGGGGG. I want Xenoblade so hard. The more info that comes out, the more I want it.

The official website for this upcoming Wii game was updated today with new information on three of the crazily named game characters: Dunban, Shulk and Fiorung. Fiorung, folks. She looks nice, but I can’t say her name. These were the characters that were also revealed in Famitsu recently.

There’s a little bar at the bottom of the characters page that still has four unfilled slots and another link for “sub characters.” As for the ones in the bar, including these three, they’re all playable. When they’re selected, you can click on voice samples.

I’m always going on about this page’s music. Here goes again: The BGM1 kicks my ass. So pretty! It goes really nicely with the page’s background art.

As for the big stuff, like the battle and system information, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Xenoblade Official Site Updated [andriasang]


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