Xenoblade gets even more lovely artwork

We all like pretty pictures, so why not check these ones out? This is the latest batch of screens and artwork for the promising Wii RPG Xenoblade. As always, the art is pretty fantastic but still doesn’t tell us very much about how the damn thing plays, or even looks in-game. 

Xenoblade is one of three JRPGs (The Last Story and Arc Rise Fantasia being the others) I’m looking forward to on the Wii, although some more details and in-game samples would be wonderful. I really hope they turn out well. It’s been a while since I truly got into an RPG, and three great ones coming along at once is almost too much to comprehend. 

Too good to be true, in fact? We’ll have to sit tight and wait for the answer to that.

[Via GameKyo]

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