Xenoblade gets another weird girl-oriented video

Last week, we posted a strange Xenoblade commercial starring Mayu Watanabe. Now the promising Wii RPG has gotten another one, starring the same lovely Japanese singer and full of yet more cryptic oddness. 

In the last video, Watanabe said she wanted us to “use” her body. This latest one has her saying, “What will happen to us from here on out?” The video is titled Uncertain Future, which would explain her line of questioning. Whatever it means, it’s strange and pretentious, which makes it perfect for promoting a JRPG!

I’m quite looking forward to this, along with The Last Story and Arc Rise Fantasia. It’s a good year to be a Wii-owning JRPG fan, that’s for certain.

[Via GoNintendo]

Jim Sterling