Xenoblade co-developed with Nintendo, gets new screens

After some flowery videos and admittedly delightful music, Monolithsoft is starting to give us some tangible information on its Wii RPG, Xenoblade. A few new details have recently surfaced, including the fact that Xenoblade is being co-developed with Nintendo itself.

Xenoblade aims to provide “what is wanted by gamers who enjoy RPGs.” Surely a noble ambition for any RPG, right? The game allegedly logs over seventy hours of gameplay as well, which should satisfy those that enjoy dedicating their entire lives to roleplaying titles. 

I’ve got high hopes for Xenoblade as a fan of JRPGs, and the fact that Nintendo is taking a hands-on role with its development only makes me more confident. Make sure to check out the new screens while you’re here, since the game looks like it’s coming along quite well in the visual department. Xenoblade is out in Japan on June 10, while we roundeyes are still waiting on a date.

Get a Closer Look at Xenoblade [Andria Sang]

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