Xenoblade Chronicles X combat explored in 30-minute livestream

All you need to know and more

Nintendo of Japan recently streamed a live Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation, detailing the game’s intricate combat system for eager viewers around the globe. The 30-minute video is available for viewing in full, and it goes to great lengths to disseminate how you’ll be interacting with enemies and things of that ilk within Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii U open-world action RPG.

Some important takeaways from the video for those who don’t want to sit through a half-hour of gameplay includes the “Soul Voice” feature, the Overclocking Gear, and the intricate equipment and leveling systems. The Soul Voice element relies heavily on communication between you and your party. Your allies will suggest which Art technique to use, and using it can help trigger special effects like buffs and healing magic for the entire party. The Overclocking Gear is important for shortening recast time to get in extra Art performance, and there are several important rules and regulations in place regarding equipment. Check out Gematsu’s write-up here for additional information if you don’t want to watch the video.

So, yeah! Xenoblade Chronicles X, guys. I’m in.

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Brittany Vincent