Xenoblade Chronicles on Switch will have both new and old soundtrack options

Remaster or OG

The ballad of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition‘s release has been a slow jam.

As usual, Nintendo didn’t come out and give us all of the details in that initial Definitive Edition reveal back in September of last year. Oh no, this is a journey not unlike the one Shulk took with his pals, as we slowly learn more and more with each passing week.

As we pointed out back in March, you will not have to beat the entire massive game over again to unlock the new epilogue story content; which is a huge relief as I want to dive into that immediately, having finished it twice already. A few weeks ago we also learned another tidbit, in that the aforementioned epilogue will take place just one year after the narrative.

Now, we have another scrap of news from the official Nintendo Australia/New Zealand Twitter account: you’ll have two soundtrack options, all told. It’s nice to hear it fully confirmed, as folks will no doubt have a preference for new material with the benefit of hindsight, or nostalgia for the original work. Everyone wins!

Hopefully more optional features are in store for us as we wait for the May 29 Switch release date.

Nintendo AU NZ [Twitter]

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