Xenoblade Chronicles is being remastered for Switch

You feeling it?

The original Xenoblade Chronicles, the one that launched on Wii back in 2012, will eventually hit Nintendo’s newest console. The beloved action RPG is being remastered for Switch.

At least, we’re left to assume it’s a remaster. During its announcement during today’s Nintendo Direct, it was said that the game is “destined to be reborn on Switch as Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition.” That probably means it’s not a remake, but it’ll certainly be the most comprehensive version.

This isn’t the first time Xenoblade Chronicles has been ported. In 2015, a New 3DS port was developed which added 3D functionality.

There’s plenty of time to learn more about Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. Despite Nintendo saying that this Direct would focus on the upcoming 2019 Switch games, Xenoblade Chronicles is currently set for 2020. You feeling it? Yeah, you’re feeling it.

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