Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’s epilogue has a new battle system, official site details new mechanics

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Monolith Soft and Nintendo really like Xenoblade Chronicles.

Since its 2010 launch, the pair have ported the game to the New 3DS and the Switch, the latter of which will feature a “Definitive Edition” with a new story epilogue. This is one of the only games in Nintendo history to span three different systems.

As expected, Nintendo is giving us information in spurts for the Switch version, and now the pieces are all coming together like a 100 piece puzzle. You won’t need to beat the entire game to access the epilogue, which starts one year after the main story, for instance. Also, the classic and new soundtracks are both options in the Switch edition. Now, thanks to a bunch of revelations on the official new site for the Definitive Edition, we have a clearer picture of what the epilogue entails.

As previously detailed it will take place on the Bionis’ Shoulder (the left shoulder, to be exact), but will also feature copious amounts of Nopons, including two named Nene and Kino, who will fight with the player party. Apparently Shulk no longer has his Vision power, so he’ll “need to think more carefully” when approaching combat. To that end, he’ll be battling new enemies infected by black mist, which encourages other monsters to join in on the battle.

Said epilogue will also use a new battle system, which is partly detailed on the new landing page. That comes in the form of Noponger squads, which are basically just armies of Nopons in this new area. The site hints that if the party “fulfills their wishes” (sidequests?) they’ll join up and trigger what are essentially assist moves in confrontations.

The wait continues! Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will arrive on Switch on May 29, 2020.

Xenoblade Definitive Edition [Nintendo]

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