Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will include dual audio at launch, on the cart

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 dual audio

“No additional download required”

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 dual audio will be part of the base game, Nintendo has revealed via a new tweet leading up to launch.

Sometimes on Nintendo consoles (read: not always) “language packs” are often used as a way to supplement a game’s vocal options: optional downloads that you need to pick up, which can get annoying if you just want to pop in your physical cart and go. Well you can do just that, Nintendo says, at least if you’re looking for English or Japanese voices.

The publisher posted a full one-minute video alongside the confirmation, splicing in the English cast with the Japanese one. You can hear pretty much everyone from the “core six” in action, and it’s not even a major spoiler, as the clip has already been posted before (during the Nintendo Direct presentation for the game); and it’s mostly a little traveling interlude with no major story implications.

This sort of dual audio at launch thing has become the norm for a lot of JRPGs, and I really dig it. I know some people can’t stand a lot of the English voice acting for this series (I’m cool with it!), so the ability to swap immediately with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 dual audio will enhance a lot of people’s experience quite a bit.

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