Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s big New Game+ patch has been delayed

It’s coming in March now

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was all set to get a massive patch, one that would add a welcomed-but-at-the-same-time-insane-because-wow-this-game-is-packed New Game+ mode — but it’s just been delayed.

Nintendo announced the delay on Twitter, and was transparent about it pertaining to a bug that basically screwed the whole patch deployment operation. The time that’s needed to fix it? About two weeks. You can catch the patch on March 2 worldwide.

As a reminder the big draw of patch 1.3.0 is of course NG+, which is described as “Advanced New Game Mode” with a few twists — most notably, more blades can be recruited, including spoilerific characters. These blades can be found almost immediately if you’re lucky when popping crystals, which the team notes can cause some story problems — but they put in anyway since players have already beaten the game and they decided to err on the side of fun. You can also dispatch more blades for missions, even story ones that couldn’t leave your party before, there’s more affinity tree development, and you can level-down at inns to earn bonus XP that can be used to buy unique items.

Works for me!

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