Xenoblade ads are packed with epic RPG Wii-ness

We just wrapped recording the latest episode of Bit Transmission, and the show had more than a few weird moments. I was particularly shocked by Colette Bennett’s genuine joy for the upcoming Wii RPG Xenoblade. Colette loves her PS3 and her HD and her Blu-rays, and she also has a history of feeling genuine pain when forced to squint at the crappy jaggies of yesteryear. For a game like Xenoblade to get her excited, it must be pretty special.

My guess is that the soundtrack, put together by several renowned Japanese game composers, is partially to blame for her giddyness. The fact that the game is about good looking people laser-sword fighting with giant robots while in the midst off colonizing the corpses of two gigantic dead Gods probably doesn’t hurt either.

Personally, I’m most excited about the game’s battle system, and the Monster Hunter-esque tendency for the game’s characters to beat the crap out of huge, funny-looking dinosaur-things with absolutely no remorse. The game is set for release in Japan in June, but currently lacks a release date for other territories. What do you think? Would you pick up Xenoblade if it left Japan?

Xenoblade- 60 second commercial– [Gonintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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