Xenoblade 2 is three years old, so its character artist celebrated with a new piece

Pyra and Mythra

Saito Masatsugu, character artist for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, did an amazing job at bringing that cast to life. While the Xenoblade series is typically full of memorable party members, there was something special about Rex and Pyra/Mythra.

Masatsugu thinks so too, as they are celebrating the third anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with a new piece of art starring the latter pair. As a reminder, the sequel came out on December 1, 2017: which is still hard to believe. That’s mostly because the DLC expansion arrived nearly a year later, so the game is still fresh in my mind.

So fresh, in fact, that I kind of want to play it again! It’s a good thing that Monolith Soft aims for a more timeless angle for their games: so beyond the time commitment, it’s easy to wrap my head around doing that again. DLC included!

If you’re interested in the finer details of Masatsugu’s work, Nintendo did a little deep dive with him a few years back.

saitomasatsugu [Twitter]

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