XCOM-like Hard West saddles up for a Switch port


Giddy up, there’s a tactical turn-based strategy game that you’ll be able to play while riding your pony on the cattle drive.

Forever Entertainment has revealed a Switch port of Creative Forge’s Hard West. It’s like XCOM by way of the wild west. Hard West eschews a main campaign in favor of eight smaller stories that all feature their own protagonist. We reviewed it in 2015, and found a great underlying game that was undone by too many bugs and balance issues. Hopefully that stuff has been ironed out over the past three years.

Since then, Creative Forge has stuck to its turn-based strategy roots. A few months ago, the Warsaw-based studio released Phantom Doctrine — a game about unraveling Cold War-era conspiracy theories. It was well-received for the most part.

As for Hard West, it’s unknown when we’ll get to six-shoot on Switch. Forever Entertainment hasn’t yet announced a release date or price for the port. However, this is the “Complete Edition,” which means it’ll come with the Scars of Freedom add-on.

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