XCOM 2 rebels against dad with Anarchy’s Children DLC

$5 DLC out today

I’ve always been…a ‘lil twisted (winky face smiley) and now XCOM 2 lets me express this dark side of my personality with the “Anarchy’s Children” DLC, a $5 aesthetic pack that “features more than 100 new exotic soldier customization options.” It’s also included as part of the $20 Reinforcement Pack. 

“XCOM soldiers can now sport styles that are downright deranged including menacing new hairstyles, face paints, armor, helmets, masks and more.” You can unleash your inner juggalo or Borderlands fan-fic today, or just download the free mod to give all your soldiers Hatsune Miku hair.

If anything is going to entice me into another round of XCOM 2, though, it’ll be the performance fixes patched in shortly after I finished the damn thing (also, RIP mimic beacon) rather than $5 worth of digital Hot Topic attire.

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