Xbox’s press conference will run longer than usual

What could that mean?

When it comes to E3, I am a creature of routine. Microsoft’s presser on Monday morning, Sony’s later that night, some stuff in between, then it’s demo and interview time. Structure: Sometimes it’s good.

This E3 has me all out of sorts. EA’s going Saturday, Microsoft is on Sunday. At least Sony’s my rock, going at its usual time and place. Still, E3’s sprawling more and more as every company looks to secure their own un-shared spot in the limelight.

Microsoft’s limelight will run longer than usual. In years past, the Xbox press conference has been about 90 minutes. Xbox head Phil Spencer said today on Twitter that this year’s will likely go longer than an hour and a half.

What could that mean? Like Lucy, Microsoft has a lot of ‘splaining to do. A sizable chunk of it’s presentation will surely be devoted to talk about Project Scorpio. Outside of that, where does the extra time go? The popular request is certainly “That extra time goes to new game reveals.”

We’ll see in 72-hours’ time. We’ll see.

@XboxP3 [Twitter]

Brett Makedonski
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