Xbox’s new studio, The Initiative, is rebooting Perfect Dark

Elvis would be so proud

When I was a kid, I found every piece of cheese in Perfect Dark. Every level was hiding one wedge of cheese in it somewhere, usually very cleverly disguised. You didn’t get anything for finding them. The game didn’t even acknowledge that you found them. 

That’s my way of saying I’m extremely fucking pumped that Perfect Dark is alive again. Xbox’s new game development studio, The Initiative (which has poached talent from places like Sony Santa Monica and Rockstar), is working on a Perfect Dark reboot.

All we have thus far is the name (simply “Perfect Dark“), confirmation that it stars Joanna Dark, the reveal trailer, and the dataDyne logo. No gameplay details, release window, etc. It’s very vague and, for me, very exciting. 2020 wasn’t a bust after all.

Brett Makedonski
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