Xbox’s big summer sale is live

More than 400 items on sale

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There’s an ice cream truck that sometimes drives through my neighborhood during the summer. I rarely see it but I always know it’s there because it’s blaring that generic-yet-incredibly-specific Ice Cream Truck Music. Even though it comes by fairly often, I still find novelty in it.

It doesn’t seem like ice cream trucks should be a thing in 2017. They feel like a relic of a bygone era, something that should’ve died in the ’90s. Driving a vehicle around every city block in hopes that a kid will come running up with a dollar cannot be a good business model. I bet all the executives from Big Ice Cream Truck get together to discuss how they’re in the red for the 88th straight quarter.

If you’ve been saving all your quarters and half-dollar coins by not patronizing your local ice cream truck, you may be interested in Xbox’s current Ultimate Game Sale [Segue!]. By my count, there are 441 items discounted. All the deals are listed here. Go rummage around and see if there’s anything you like.

Just know that your video game purchasing habits are killing the ice cream trucks. That’s a leap in logic that I feel comfortable making.

Ultimate Game Sale 2017 [Major Nelson]

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