Xbox360 HD DVD drive works on PCs with only minor hackery

TeamXbox has an article on their front page demonstrating a hack done by a guy named BluePrint (which we are assuming is not his real name) that allows the upcoming HD DVD addon drive for your Xbox360 to work with your home PC!

The hack is basically a firmware flash for the HD DVD drive. Since the drive was made by Toshiba, they simply flash drivers from a similar HD DVD Toshiba drive onto the Xbox one and it works! Oh the joys of modern engineering laziness! 

This is fabulous news since it allows people without Xbox360s to buy a very afforable, Microsoft subsidized HD DVD drive that they can then hook up to a home theater PC for beautiful HD goodness.

I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft learns to read things on the internet and fixes this hack, but until then, have fun kiddies!

[UPDATE: Nex is an idiot. Apparently it’s not even as difficult as a firmware flash. You merely install proper drivers and it works.] 

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