Special Xbox Oreos are on the way, with prizes for various Xbox games

Xbox Oreos Halo Infinite

Double-stuffed with cosmetics

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A new crossover is bringing some Oreos flavor to games. Xbox and Oreos are teaming up for a special-edition cookie design, with both a change in the cookie and some in-game cosmetics for several Xbox games.

The promotion is taking place in 22 countries, which Xbox specifies as Europe only. Sorry to any North American fans or other regions looking to get the special cookies.

These specific cookies will feature the Xbox logo and the A, B, X, Y button layout, as well as a directional arrow. By scanning the cookies and cracking the combination, players can unlock prizes for games. Entering the symbols in the correct sequence will unlock special, exclusive Oreo-themed content for games like Halo InfiniteForza Horizon 5, and Sea of Thieves.

Screenshot via Xbox

The codes are meant to be inspired by cheat codes hidden in games throughout history. That does make me curious if a Konami code input is hiding somewhere in all those Oreo cookies.

The special cookies are expected to be available in participating regions this month, and available while stocks last. If you want to participate, you can visit the Oreo site and check here to see if your country is taking part. (Reminder, this is a Europe-only event.)

Funnily enough, Oreos have tied into video games before now in some fun ways. The Pokemon limited edition Oreos bore the likenesses of some of the series’ most well-remembered Pokemon. But this one, letting you discern special cheat codes from the cookies themselves? Well, that’s pretty neat. At least until you eat the cookies before remembering to check the symbols.

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