Xbox One’s latest update significantly improves download speeds

Up to 40 to 80 percent faster

An under-valued attribute in a video game economy that is ever-increasingly digital is how quickly the platform-holders can actually deliver the games to the consumers. That is to say: It really sucks waiting on slow download speeds.

Of the major services, Steam undoubtedly does the best job with its reliably fast downloads. Things get murkier between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I’ve heard people complain that they’re frustrated with Xbox’s speeds when compared to PS4. My experience is the exact opposite as I consistently get quicker downloads on Xbox One. It probably has something to do with PS4’s inability to connect to 5GHz networks.

Whatever your take is, there’s one undeniable truth and it’s that Xbox’s downloads will be even quicker now. Microsoft rolled out a new update yesterday and its main focus is to boost download performance. According to the update notes, users with connections greater than 100Mbps should get speeds that are up to 80 percent faster; users with connections under that threshold will get downloads that have “more consistent performance” and are up to 40 percent faster.

It may not have the sex appeal of something like a new game reveal, but it’s important news nonetheless. Quality of life improvements to a platform’s infrastructure affect everyone for the better. Now it’ll (theoretically) take less time to get you playing the games which is the whole reason you bought that console.

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