Xbox One will get Don’t Starve Together this spring

Boxed Mega Pack headed to PS4 and Xbox One

Have you kept up with Don’t Starve? It sure has come a long way and resonated with a lot of folks these past few years. I don’t feel like I’ve grown much more adept at surviving Klei’s weird horror-filled world (I’ll forever dread those blasted hounds), but I still have a great fondness for this game.

Xbox One players who have been patiently waiting for multiplayer by way of Don’t Starve Together will have their day this spring, and Klei and 505 Games are also prepping a retail release of the Don’t Starve Mega Pack on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For $30, that bundle will get you the core game plus Don’t Starve Together, Reign of Giants, and Shipwrecked. If you’re going all out, that’s the recommended course of action. Those expansions add up fast when you buy them standalone.

Don’t Starve shines in co-op, so this is great news all around. I just adore the split-screen option.

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