Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundles now on tap

The best is probably at GameStop

If you missed the news yesterday, Microsoft announced yet-another Xbox One S bundle for October — and this one is a biggie. Continuing its EA partnership, Battlefield 1 is now being bundled into various Xbox One S consoles, from 500GB to 1TB models.

The units come in standard white or with paint jobs like “storm grey” and “military green.” We suspect these bundle will sell well, similar to the Fallout 4 Xbox One bundles of last year which sold out not long after release. As with other EA bundles, these will come with a free month of EA Access, granting you the key to even more EA titles.

While the bundle is available at various retailers (with the exclusive grey unit at the Microsoft Store and Walmart only), we personally think the best place to pick up a Xbox One S BF1 bundle would be at GameStop. Here’s why: all other retailers will be carrying the bundle with the digital download copy of Battlefield 1, whereas GameStop will be carrying bundles with physical copies. This means you can actually offload your copy of BF1 if you so choose (maybe trade it in at GameStop?).

Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle

Other Xbox One S Bundle with Bonuses 

While no deals exist yet for the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundles, we think you may eventually see some type of deal as we near (or pass) their release dates next month. Don’t expect anything jaw-dropping. We think the best you’ll see is a free Ubisoft game at the Microsoft Store, or a gift card to entice gamers further. Having said that, if the Battlefield 1 bundle follows the footstep of the Fallout 4 bundle from last year, deals may actually not arrive until deep into the holiday season.