Xbox One gets another temporary price cut, now $249

Two C-notes and a Grant

Long gone are the days of Microsoft’s $500 console. The machine that was revealed in May of 2013 has undergone several price cuts, some temporary and some permanent. The frequent discounts feel like an implicit admission that half a thousand dollars was just too much to charge.

Starting yesterday, the Xbox One got another promotional price. New units with 500GB hard drive are down to $249. This includes bundles like the one where you name your game and the Quantum Break package that has a white console. Doesn’t matter which one — if it comes with a 500GB Xbox One, it’s $249.

This is obviously one last desperation move to clear out old inventory at all retailers before the Xbox One S 2TB model debuts on August 2 (other models roll out “later this year). The Xbox One S with a 500GB hard drive runs $299 and doesn’t include any games. Potential buyers in that price range have to weigh the pros and cons of paying $50 more for a newer and smaller machine but not getting any software with it.

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Brett Makedonski
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