Xbox One Fallout 4 1TB bundle $329 in early Cyber Monday sale

Yes “early” as in two days early

Update 11/30: Deal’s dead! Next best bet is this $299 GOW bundle or $349 1TB bundle with free $60 gift code (which you can basically use to buy Fallout 4).

Here’s an Xbox One Fallout 4 bundle that crept up on us “unexpectedly.” We somehow thought this sale was going to happen on Sunday night or else we would have mentioned it earlier. Turns out the spreadsheet said 9PM PST on 11/27 FRIDAY… And thus just before Black Friday has closed the curtain in the West Coast… out comes an early Cyber “Monday” deal.

If you missed out on Microsoft Store’s Black Friday deal (which started on a Wednesday night), Antonline has 2,000 units of Xbox One Fallout 4 1TB bundles up for grab at a low price of $329.99. This is a pretty swell deal all things considered, especially since sales tax is imposed in California and Georgia only.

FYI, you’ll need to add to cart before you can see the price. Shipping is free.

There’s only about 700 units available left so the deal should end well before Monday. Will it last through Saturday? Who knows, but there also aren’t too many shoppers awake at this ungodly hour. Gamers totally sleep, right?

Update: Deal was expired but now available again. Huh.