Xbox Micro makes you wonder why the Xbox was so big (Update)

Remember when the Xbox landed? It was the biggest console you’d ever seen. The thing looked like they could build sturdy houses in third world countries out of it. I had always just assumed that it was that big because it had big parts in it, but evidently the size was simply Microsoft showing off its big American penis. A modder has created the Xbox Micro, which makes the Wii look like its King Kong.

The Micro basically has every part of the Xbox crammed deep inside it. You can see some exposed views of it here and also learn about how it was done. It sure makes the original Xbox look like it fell off the ugly tree, hit every branch that it could and then took a swim in a bath of ugly acid before drying off with a towel that made it even uglier. If you attempt to do this at home be forewarned; it took the creators six months to put this together and the machine doesn’t run particularly cool, as one would expect. If you head over to the creators post you can find your way to a few other interesting Xbox mods too.

(Update: As a few people in the comments pointed out, there’s no disc drive. Games are stored on a hard drive. Still awesome.)

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